Onsale Times

Massey Hall presents

Massey Hall is thrilled to present Tamino in his Toronto debut as the 22-year old of Belgian, Egyptian and Lebanese heritage brings his critically acclaimed album Amir to the stage.

"Some people think it's risky to mix Arabic music with soul, dub and hip hop. We don't believe that," he told BBC Music News LIVE. His debut album Amir is of startling, visceral, sit-up-and-listen power. Featuring a handful of tracks from his debut EP, Habibi including “Indigo Night” which features Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood on bass guitar.

On Amir and live in concert, Tamino captures a range of emotions from romance to desolation and almost everything in between. It's mood music, painted in a number of different shades.

"Tamino possesses a voice that carries the hypnotic, immediate power of something much more ancient."

"...the haunting Habibi (Arabic for "my love") drew comparisons with Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke. Particular praise was given to Tamino's voice, which soars from a throaty croon to a glass-shattering falsetto in a single breath."