Onsale Times

Massey Hall presents

Building his career from the streets to the stage, Massey Hall is pleased to present British-Canadian singer-songwriter Martin Kerr.

Within the past year, Kerr has sold out two nights at the 1700-seat Winspear Centre in Edmonton, opened for Sarah McLachlan, and watched his album Better than Brand-New reach #2 on the iTunes album chart.

His newest release “You're Amazing” really promotes that “Kerr is an artist who believes that music has the capacity to change hearts and minds. Imbued with a deeply-held social conscience, Kerr wants his audiences to not only be entertained, but to be moved.”

Often compared to James Taylor, John Denver, and Jason Mraz, Martin’s anthemic modern-folk connects with listeners of all ages. With just a guitar or with a full band, his brilliant storytelling and soaring vocals will captivate any audience.