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Massey Hall presents

The acclaimed avant-folk artist Mappe Of returns to Toronto with a brand new album, The Isle of Ailynn (out now via Paper Bag Records) backed by a sprawling 7-piece ensemble, for an immersive musical and visual experience.

Not unlike Sigur Rós, Pink Floyd, Bon Iver, or the tremendous mythological work of J.R.R. Tolkien, the material is a conceptual journey. Mappe Of has created us a gateway into a fictional fantasy world, a place called the Isle of Ailynn. The lyrics draw parallels from the mythological to everyday conflicts and struggles within our own lives. The lush and exquisitely arranged songs all possess a sense of unity drawing from classical, electronic, progressive, folk, and indie-rock, creating an other-worldly sonic landscape.

With a formidable voice – full of gentle warmth and capable of pulling off the highest highs and the lowest lows, Jasmine Trails (formerly Trails) is a master of languid melancholia at just 19 years old. Jasmine Trails songs are profoundly intimate, often written and recorded not just from bedrooms but from beds, in the aftermath of something not so good. Her dusky alto simultaneously holds the darkness of a survivor and the promise of brighter days to come.

Mappe Of stunned listeners with his debut album two years ago, but the artist’s quest to bring breathtaking musicality to the fore had only just begun…Tom Meikle’s Mappe Of project continues to be a vessel for musical nuance and experiential depth.”

Atwood Magazine

“His pleading, affecting falsetto holds humanity and hope, clarifying that while Ailynn is fictional, its author certainly isn't. Glitchy and synthy, wistful and wise, engrossing and ethical, familiar and foreign, The Isle of Ailynn deserves many listens — both to savour its sounds, and ponder its truths.”