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Massey Hall presents in partnership with Indie88

Toronto tastemakers INDIE88 calls Mappe Of’s music “dark yet uplifting, non-conforming but an entirely accessible experience steeped in the depths of experimental folk.” A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone, the debut album (out July 28 via Paper Bag Records) from the composer and experimental folk musician, is a sonic world unto itself, an aural landscape steeped in experience and imagination.

Mappe Of brings A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone to the Drake Underground this summer, in his first ever public concert.

Watch Mappe Of perform “Cavern’s Dark” as part of Massey Hall’s Ghost Light Sessions.

“a sound that Bob Boilen thinks fits nicely between Bon Iver's earliest acoustic work and that project's later, more experimental sounds. The beautiful, finger-picked acoustic guitar and angelic vocals on this cut blend into an ethereal, transfixing trip.” - NPR - All Songs Considered

Listen to:
“Peaceful Ghosts” via Indie88
“Nimbin” via Paste Magazine
"Pleasure" (Feist Cover)
Listen to an interview with Mappe Of on CBC q