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La Force is Ariel Engle, vocalist and newest member of Broken Social Scene. The music is nocturnal electronic pop, featuring Engle's enchanting vocals over dynamic production.

Born out of the culmination of AroarA – her musical project with husband and Broken Social Scene bandmate Andrew Whiteman – La Force is a deep reflection on the magic and dismantlement of motherhood; the never-ending tightrope walk of life, and death; and the re-discovery of self.

The first single “You Amaze Me” layers seductive melodies over restrained electronics. A love song to Whiteman, defining the tender but powerful essence of La Force. Shaped with Warren Spicer of Plants & Animals, and featuring members of Suuns, Patrick Watson, and Broken Social Scene.

Murray A. Lightburn is a composer, musician, performer and music producer. He’s best known as the lead singer and principal songwriter of internationally-known Montreal chamber rock band, The Dears. Hear Me Out is M.A.L.’s second full length solo work. While musically distinct, Hear Me Out will build on his association with The Dears to connect with a new fan base.