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Dutch pianist Joep Beving’s music is the antidote to a hectic world of uncertainty and fear – a soundtrack for a kinder, more hopeful future; a score for the unmade film of lives yet to come.

Beving’s 2015 debut album, Solipsism, was an instant hit on Spotify after its New York team added one tune – “The Light She Brings” – to a popular ‘Peaceful Piano’ playlist. Soon Solipsism was a viral phenomenon, with another tune, “Sleeping Lotus”, now approaching 20 million streamed plays.

By chance, an excutive from the world’s foremost classical label, Deutsche Grammophon, heard the album being played at a bar in Berlin, owend by Beving’s friend, and later signed Beving. The first fruits of the new partnership are Prehension, released in 2017. A natural successor to Solipsism, it carries forward the musical and philosophical themes Beving identifies in his music. “I am reacting to the absolute grotesqueness of the things that are happening around us, in which you feel so insignificant and powerless that you alienate yourself from reality and the people around you because it is so impossible to grasp. I just write what I think is beautiful, leaving out a lot of notes, telling a story through my instrument, trying to unite us with something simple, honest and beautiful. ”

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