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Revered for her soulful voice, captivating live show, and immersive lyrical storytelling, Vancouver-based soul-Americana artist, Frazey Ford, brings her new album U kin B the Sun (out now via Arts & Crafts) to the Mod Club in March.

Ford’s new album is a graceful collision of soul and psychedelia and sometimes ’70s funk. In a departure from the guitar-driven and largely solitary songwriting that has defined Ford’s previous work, much of U kin B the Sun took shape from spontaneous collaboration with her long-time bassist Darren Parris and drummer Leon Power.

Deep moments of catharsis often produce transformative work, and this is certainly the case with the debut EP of 24-year old Toronto native, Aunty Social aka Daniela Gitto. Titled, The Day My Brain Broke, the EP documents a period of isolation and evolution for Daniela, as she worked her way out of a toxic lifestyle — computer, mic, and MIDI in hand. Descriptors like electronica, experimental, and art pop don’t really do the EP justice, but they are starting points for understanding just how far Aunty Social can stretch. In essence, the EP captures the process of transformation and its many attributes, both the dark and the light. As Daniela says, “this is a personal catharsis where I’m trying to let go of that part of me, that lifestyle, that person I used to be.”

"Frazey Ford: U Kin B the Sun review – bright shoots from knotted roots of American song"

"It's easy to get stuck in a pattern of negative thinking, and with the current state of the world, it doesn't feel like anything can jolt you out of your despair. But Frazey Ford's U kin B the Sun does. It's an antidote to hopelessness."