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Massey Hall presents

Revered for her soulful voice, captivating live show, and immersive lyrical storytelling Ford returns with her first new original music in five years, “The Kids Are Having None of It". This new song is an urgent activism anthem – protest music at its core, with Frazey's calm, confident warning compelled by a visceral, soulful bass guitar backbone.

There's always been something soulful teeming underneath the honey-dipped tremulous restraint in Frazey Ford's vocals on her Be Good Tanyas records, as well as her solo debut Obadiah (2010). It’s just that for her latest release, Indian Ocean (2014), the familiar old-timey rustic harmonies have bloomed, transported into a full-throated ebullience that takes us down to where the rivers run deep.

“Ford tiptoes between soft jazz, smoky soul, and austere country”

“It’s hard to think of another singer who suggests Dolly Parton, Ann Peebles and Feist. She phrases intuitively, waiting on a word and then drawing it out, and turns good lyrics to oatmeal, adding strange new colors to vowels, making whole syllables vanish.”