Onsale Times

Blackie and The Rodeo Kings mark their 25th anniversary as a band with the King of This Town tour in support of their brand new album.

Originally, Colin Linden, Stephen Fearing, and Tom Wilson came together to record what was supposed to be a one-off tribute album to the great Canadian songwriter Willie P. Bennett. The result was High or Hurtin’: The Songs of Willie P. Bennett. The band had no plans to make a subsequent album but something unanticipated happened. “When we play together and sing together as Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. Something magical happens. We haven’t asked ourselves what it is all these years and we’re not going to start now” as Stephen Fearing describes it. Recognizing this special chemistry and the resulting joy of creating music together has brought Blackie and The Rodeo Kings back to stage and studio again and again.

Adrian Sutherland comes from Attawapiskat on the remote coast of the James Bay. He’s a singer, songwriter, recording artist, and frontman of roots-rockers Midnight Shine, with meaningful music and messages that are resonating across Canada and beyond. With a growing and important voice on many issues in Canada, Adrian speaks from his mind, while caring from his heart. He is an insightful and resilient advocate who brings a first-hand perspective to the challenges faced by Attawapiskat and other First Nations, like contaminated water, critical housing shortages, rampant addiction, and the ongoing suicide crisis.