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Cuff the Duke
and Jenn Grant

Massey Hall presents

Cuff the Duke made their mark on the alt-country scene when they were still teens living in Oshawa. Over the past decade, they’ve released five albums; the most recent (and first in a two-part series), Morning Comes, was produced by Blue Rodeo founder Greg Keelor—a fitting partnership, given the younger band’s position as natural inheritors of Blue Rodeo’s rock-roots mantle.

Since the release of her debut in 2005, Jenn Grant has made music deeply rooted in a sense of place (the East Coast) and style (folk-pop). Her third studio album, Honeymoon Punch, changed the game. Grant has traded the broken-hearted tracks of Echoes for an eclectic mix of Motown, new wave and rock—it’s a joyful confection deserving of its name.

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Cuff the Duke's Official Website

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Cuff the Duke
and Jenn Grant

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Winter Garden Theatre Box Office (189 Yonge St., Toronto).

  • Sat Nov 24, 2012 8pm